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Comedian Artie Lange Nose recently made headlines together with his social media pictures of his destroyed nose thanks to over 30 years of heroin, cocaine, and opioid abuse. on the brink of last Christmas, Lange posted pictures where he’s almost unrecognizable from his a few years on TV and radio.

Many comedians have flooded Artie’s social media page with pleas for him to prevent use, and together with his recent conviction for heroin possession and 4 years of strict probation, he promises he’s doing his absolute best. The damage done to his physical appearance also like his other health risks from drug use seems to possess “finally trapped to him,” as he remarked in late 2018. At his recent hearing, he confessed that he has got to stop taking note of that “bad voice” inside.

Artie Lange Nose - Artie Lange 2020 - Artie Lange Halfway House
Artie Lange Nose

Who is Artie?

Artie Lange rose to fame within the mid-90s on the hit sketch comedy show MADtv. He later went on to co-host the Howard Stern Show for quite a decade and last had a recurring role within the HBO comedy series Crashing. Originally a longshoreman from New Jersey, Lange began to form it as a comedian at age 23 as a cure for his depression. He found that comedy helps him affect his depressive mood, but once he discovered heroin, he began a destructive drug habit that has caused him many run-ins with the law and lots of health problems. Artie Lange Nose

Septum Damage

The most noticeable sign of Artie’s substance abuse is that the damage it’s done to his nose. Over 30 years of snorting cocaine and heroin have essentially destroyed his septum, causing his whole nose to deflate and flatten. He also recently confessed that he accidentally snorted broken glass thinking it had been a crushed up oxycontin, which did significant damage.

The septum is a structure made from bone and cartilage that separates the 2 cavities of the nose. The septum is firm, but bendable and will ideally be directly within the center of your nose, although about 80% of folks have one that’s a touch off-center. When a septum is dramatically off-center is is named a deviated-septum. While this is often a standard septum problem, a more common way the septum is broken is through the event of a hole. These septum holes range from:

  1. Small (smaller than 1 centimeter)
  2. Medium (between 1 and a couple of centimeters)
  3. Large (bigger than 2 centimeters)

Symptoms From Septum Damage Commonly Include

  • Blockage of 1 or both nostrils
  • Nasal congestion, sometimes restricted to at least one nostril
  • Frequent nosebleeds
  • Frequent sinus infections    Artie Lange Nose
  • Facial pain, headaches, symptom
  • Noise breathing during sleep

In Artie Lange’s case, he presumably has developed an outsized hole from years of heroin and cocaine abuse. the sole solution during this case is cosmetic surgery, which he says he plans on getting into the near future.

Dangers Of Snorting Heroin

Heroin is formed from morphine, but its lipid-soluble molecular structure makes it a way stronger opioid. This structure makes it easier for it to cross the blood-brain-barrier and creates a quick and intense high. Users who snort heroin report a surge of euphoria within 10 to fifteen minutes after taking it. this is often followed by alternating states of wakefulness and sleepiness referred to as “the nod.” To combat the sleepiness, users will often snort cocaine and heroin together (known as “crisscrossing”), making them vulnerable to the damaging effects of both drugs.

A real danger is that heroin sold on the road could be cut with adulterants. These unknown chemical ingredients like fentanyl, added to heroin make it extremely dangerous and even deadly. Opioid overdose remains the leading explanation for accidental death within us, with more than 13,000 deaths linked to heroin per annum. there’s also a danger of these hooked into prescription opioid drugs using heroin once they can not find a prescription medication. As many as 94% of opioid pain medication patients said they used heroin because it had been easier and cheaper to seek out, a recent study concluded. Artie Lange Nose

Artie Lange Nose - Artie Lange 2020 - Artie Lange Halfway House
Artie Lange Nose

“Great To Be Home!

7 months 14 days sober but at some point at a time. many new stories to inform,” Lange wrote Tuesday on Twitter, where he posted the surprising photo. “Will announce some new tour dates on Friday. Thanks for the support. Love you all.”

His slimmer, healthier look may be a huge departure from his appearance during a mugshot taken Jan. 30, during which his nose seemed to are bleeding. Lange features a long history with heroin, cocaine, alcohol and more.

“The current state of Lange’s flattened nose — perhaps the foremost obvious marker of wear and tear and tear in recent years — is owed to the entire demolishment of his septum after 30 years of substance abuse (it didn’t help that he also accidentally snorted glass a couple of years ago when trying to suck up smashed OxyContin tablets),” consistent with a 2018 profile written by a reporter who Lange later said, “does a good job with me always.”

The Comic,

who is understood for being on Howard Stern’s radio show within the aughts, last appeared as a version himself in 11 episodes of the HBO series “Crashing.”

“From scene to scene, there was nose continuity issues,” “Crashing” star Pete Holmes told in January. “My heart breaks for Artie.”

Rehab is nothing new for the comic and self-admitted “junky,” who has sought treatment or been ordered into it multiple times since 1995.

Lange had been serving four years of probation for a 2017 conviction on heroin possession but in late 2018 and early 2019 tested positive for drugs, including cocaine. When he appeared in court in December, after testing positive the primary time, Lange looked haggard.

He reported to jail in late January, then entered a court-ordered outpatient rehab, but in March, he was finally ordered into what Radar Online called an “intense” six-month drug-court program. Posts on his Twitter feed showed Lange learning trash and pumping gas as a part of the program. Artie Lange Nose

Through it all, a core of loyal fans has supported and worried about the comic, who has attempted suicide twice. The second time, in 2010, he drank bleach and stabbed himself with a kitchen knife, but was found in time by his mother.

When celebrities like Artie Lange show us the damages of drug use it can serve a awaken call. Even those that have wealth and fame struggle with addiction and depression and that they can suffer the physical and mental damage caused by substance abuse. If you or a beloved are battling addiction, Rock Recovery Center in West Palm Beach, Florida can help with the next steps. Call our 24-hour helpline or chat accept us now.

Artie Lange Nose - Artie Lange 2020 - Artie Lange Halfway House
Artie Lange Nose

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